Past Projects
Beirut, Street 17-19
"بيروت، شارع ١٧ - ١٩ "
(52min) – 2005
Frederic, a 6 years old child, and his aunt Raghida, the director, participated in the sit in that took place at Martyrs Square after the assassination of the former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri on 14 February 2005. Many of Lebanese people from different religions and different political backgrounds gathered for this sit in asking for the truth.
How do these young people meet whereas before they have refused each other?

Directed by : Raghida Skaff
D.O.P. : Johny Karam
Produced by : Centre national du cinéma (CNC), France

Broadcasted on AL ARABIYA and KTO France

Festival: Won the award for “creative blending of the inter-religious dialogue
and patriotism ideas ” at Signis Belarus festival 2008